Wednesday, September 10, 2014

QtQuick friendly Onkyo ISCP remote protocol library

There are some ready made apps and code around, but none that was easy to plug into QtQuick or in library format so I scratched that itch myself for a change and wrote a simple library.

Still working on figuring out some of the more complicated commands like controlling network playback, but all the basic stuff is there. Will be in a git repo soonish.

Screenshot of test app below, UI is pure QML. (Yes it simple and ugly, it is a test app)

The ultimate ISCP commander!
And yes, this means there will be an application for Jolla and BlackBerry 10 in the near future.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Minor Y-Radio update, version 1.0.5

Related to the previous post about the DockedPanel, I made some small UI adjustments to Y-Radio (and it is already trough Jolla QA, in only 2 hours, that was fast!)

Made the main view a bit more compact and made the play/pause control look more nice.
The connecting and buffering progress bar is now above the control (but for some reason the Audio element won't give proper buffering information for rtsp streams, sigh). Also the main page title is now used for the radio channel name (and will only display Y-Radio when no channel has been selected)

Y-Radio main view changes
Also I made the program view a bit more compact by showing the program details in the list instead of in a dialog, makes it much easier to browse.
Program view
There are some other small thing in there, a bit nicer cover and some text size and color adjustments. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Keep DockedPanel open in Sailfish OS

I'm working on tidying up the Y-Radio UI and just discovered the bottomMargin property of ApplicationWindow, nice for keeping something on the bottom always visible even if you are navigating in the pageStack, so perfect for a media player control buttons right ?

Unfortunately the documentation sucks, as the only component that seem to work properly is the DockedPanel as it does some re-parenting. And the DockedPanel as an annoying issue, the user can hide it. For now I'm using the following uglyish workaround:

onOpenChanged: {
 if (open)
 if (root.currentChannel!==null)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

fkLeffa got updated

My first ever (a for now, only proper app) application, fkleffa, for the BlackBerry 10 platform got some love too the last couple of weeks.

There is now support for more cinemas chains (well, basically all cinemas I know of that run the Markus Cinema system and offer the XML API interface). Supported are now: Finnkino in Finland, Forum Cinema in Estonia, Kino Artis in Estonia, Forum Cinema in Lativa, Forum Cinema in Lithuania, Eden Cinemas in Malta and SAMbíó in Iceland.

Also the UI got updated with easy access to todays shows (with date selection) and upcoming movie premieres.

fkLeffa is available, for free, in BlackBerry world!

Y-Radio works again!

Finally got some spare time to look into it again. The thing is, YLE decided to stop offering icecast streams that worked perfectly and instead offers only RTSP and HLS streams now. At the time, the multimedia stack on Jolla had problems playing back RTSP streams (choppy sound) and HLS support didn't exist at all. So nothing I could do about it at that time.

I had already started to look into how on earth you could use my own private copy of gstreamer to overcome these issues (as direct usage of gstreamer is a no-no for harbour apps at this time), but luckily the summer update fixed RTSP playback (and almost the HLS support, but not quite, probably this bug) and Y-Radio is now fixed as much as I can fix it.

At this time only low quality RTSP streams are supported as the HLS support is buggy, it won't reload the m3u playlist. But if I can figure out how to use gstreamer without using the system gstreamer, then we can do proper shit! (and add such nice things as an Equalizer for example)

Available now in Openrepos and hopefully soon in the official Jolla store (waiting for QA right now)

Monday, June 09, 2014

More computer rescuing. A Macintosh SE

A bunch of various sparcs, more about them soon. But I got this old thing:

After some boot disk hunting I got to boot into System 7.1. Memory have been upgraded to a nice 2.5Mb.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Computer rescue! SGI Indy, SS20, Ultra 1 and SunBlade 150

Hmm, don't know if I've ever blogged about my collecting hobby ? Well, I do. Computers. Surprise. Have about a 120 or so.

A couple if weeks ago I struck gold so to say. Åbo Akademi ICT deparment needs to move as the building they are located in needs to be renovated. They have stashed quite nicely a lot of old computers. I had a chance to loot trough the stuff before getting trashed.

There where quite a lot of stuff, mostly just old PC junk. But I did find something fun:

Oh, and I'm going tomorrow to take another look, there are a least 4 SunBlade 100 workstations waiting for me.