Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hemsedal Panorama Wallpaper for the N900

I'm going to Hemsedal, (in Norway) next week with the Hupellus gang and I was checking out some of my pictures from the last trip in 2008 and I found out I had taken a nice panorama.

So I created a nice N900 wallpaper was made from it, you can find it in extras-devel now (and soon in testing too).

Easy wallpaper slicing for N900

First, create a 3200x480 png file (For 4 desktops), and using ImageMagick slice it up:
convert wp.png -quiet -crop 800x wp_%d.png

Or you can use this template makefile when your working on your wallpaper:

all: $(BASEIMAGE)_0.png

$(BASEIMAGE)_0.png: $(BASEIMAGE).png
 convert $(BASEIMAGE).png -quiet -crop 800x  $(BASEIMAGE)_%d.png

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mainframe in your pocket

I just uploaded hercules, an S/390 emulator, to extras-devel. Now you can enjoy your favorite mainframe operating system on your N900, N810 and N800, be it an original mainframe OS or Linux.

Below an screen shot of Slack/390 install disk booting up.

Monday, March 08, 2010

One of those weekends

It was one those weekends when everything get fucked-up one way or another. Or actually it started on Friday, at about noon. First some background:
I run my own two servers for everything, mail (with spam and virus checking), vhosts, mysql and postgresql, cvs and git repos, storage and stuff you might need for your generic home server. Also some friends have their mail and vhosts running on my servers. So a lot of stuff.

And everything important stored on RAID-1 and RAID-5 of course to be on the safe side. RAID-5 as you might know can suffer from 1 disk failure quite nicely, but 1 disk only.

And guess what happened on Friday? Simultaneous failure of 2 out of 3 disks on my primary server. Mail server is fortunately ok! And as there was waay too much stuff to backup anywhere properly, the last full backup of my /home (and cvs+git repos) was from 2008. A total disaster as you might imagine.

But, thanks to git all my source repositories are cloned here and there. So in that way nothing important got lost. Also I had almost stopped using CVS in 2007-2008 so the cvs backups from that era is pretty much ok. (And I had also move everything to git so no problem with that.) Work stuff I have on my work laptop anyway, so nothing work related got lost.

Still, getting everything up and will take some time. And the best of all I can't even live at home properly right now as the apartment house I'm living in is having a pipe renovation that will be ready after Easter, more about that in another post maybe.

Anyway, what this means is that my Mapper and TA-Linux sites will be more or less down until I get everything sorted.