Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Well, that was that RIP BlackBerry 10

In a way this is a sad day, I would very much like to continue to use my BlackBerry 10 Z10, it JustWorks(tm) for all the important bits, e-mail, calendar, phone, IM with BBM. QNX, Qt, C++ and Cascades was a joy to code with.

But, unfortunately the support has gone, no updates, BBM on BB10 is on life support (Channels I managed I can't manage anymore), browser hasn't seen an upgrade in ages and services that I could use trough the browser instead of native apps have started to require features that just isn't there.

So what are the choices then ?
  • iPhone ? Never in a million years.
  • SailfishOS ? Well, maybe, see next.
  • Android ? For now. I prepared by getting a Sony XA2 to be able to perhaps move to SailfishOS when it is mature enough, but lets see if/when that happens.
I've been slowly getting used to Android, it has the apps, sure, but the polish and integration is just not there. E-mail app sucks, calendar is a mess (no native CalDAV support, like what the fuck??) and most of all I'm going to the miss the Hub. The concept of the Hub is so simple, but extremely powerful.

After almost 6 years (from summer 2013)! as my primary phone, I'm now saying goodbye to BlackBerry 10.

Thanks for making an awesome platform BlackBerry, but fuck you for abandoning it and your users.