Thursday, January 23, 2014

gasp, started on my first.. <play-dark-music> Windows Phone app!

Yep. Sure did.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ParkkiTalo for Asha

Made a quick app for Nokia Asha (and also older S40 devices) users out there. Not very interesting unless you happen to live in Oulu, Finland and need to park your car.

Submitted to QA, so in a week or so it should be available for download. It uses the opendata provided City of Oulu.

ParkkiTalo - Oulu Asha version.

If more cities start to open this kinda of data they will be of course added to the application. I'll post download links when QA has done its thing.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Y-Radio updated

First version has an White Screen of Death issue because of a missed dependency on qt5-qtdeclarative-import-xmllistmodel that even QA didn't catch as it is needed by the terminal app that they use for doing installations. So sorry about that.

More channels! Yay

A fixed version has been uploaded to Harbour yesterday as is waiting for QA. And if you are in a hurry you can always get the latest version from openrepos.

This update contains some other updates too:
  • Visual changes, use different colors for artist/song
  • Fix issues with changing stream quality of currently selected channel (It didn't change)
  • More radio channels added. (Yes, I know some strange area Radio Suomi streams are missing. Will be added. Soon. Or scratch that itch yourself and post a patch.)
Different highlights
What about the next version ? These are work in progress, coming soon:
  • Daily program information
  • Channels details
  • News feeds

Friday, January 10, 2014

Y-Radio, my first application for Jolla

My first application for Jolla is starting to get into shape. All basic functionality is there ready for first release. Nothing fancy, just an YLE Radio player with support for current/next song information (for channels that supply that information).

Current features:
  • Front page display current channel information
  • Current song, with artist image, if available
  • Next songs
  • Channel page with most YLE Radio channels
  • Cover page has Play/Pause
Planned features:
  • Daily program information
  • News feeds from channels
  • Quick access to favourite channels
  • Played songs archive
  • Favourite songs marking
  • More song/artist details
  • Calendar event integration
  • And when usage of gstreamer is allowed in Harbour, Equalizer (+any other interesting audio filter that might be available)
  • Anything else ?
 Should be ready for Harbour submission in a day or two. If you would like to beta test, let me know.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Nokia Store closed, no more N9 or Symbian apps

So much for support to 2016. The Nokia store closed for new N9 and Symbian applications (also updates are denied, how cool is that huh?).

Anyway, I tried to get updates in for some of my apps, especially the Radio X3M app for N9 needed that bad as the streaming URLs had changed, it passed QA a couple of days ago, yay :)

And just for fun I added a YLEX N9 application too, still waiting to pass QA.

 These now use the exact same streams as YLEs official Windows Phone and Android apps so they should work for some time in the future, I hope.

Also a result from a RealWork(tm) project was submitted, just in time, still waiting for QA. When (and if) it passes I'll let you know more. A peek below:

BBM on Jolla update

My previous BBM on Jolla video mentioned that PIN sharing as QR Code didn't work as the camera was still unsupported in Alien Dalvik, the Android environment that Jolla is using. Well, the latest update aka Maadajävri adds support for the device camera in Android applications and now you can share and read QR Codes from BBM. A short video demonstrating this BBM feature below.