Wednesday, January 07, 2009

N73 software update done

A short follow up to the earlier N73 update post. I was able to find a copy of XP and installed it on a old Athlon XP machine. First the updater just froze and I was already sure that I now have a nice black brick, but fortunately the phone booted with the old firmware still intact. Ok, second try: This time the update was uploaded properly and my phone was running the latest firmware. Oh joy! :D
But wait.. all didn't go well at first.. Nokia data restored ok, but after restarting the phone a got message like this "Phone startup failure." and it froze there. Fortunately a quick google found a "4 finger salute" reset operation that fixed the bootup. And skipping restoration of my previous settings made the phone finally work OK.

MySQL is teh shit or notes to self on how to fix dumps

Just a note to self:

Notes on Importing mysql database dumps:
When using InnoDB tables to get a proper database disable foreign keys when importing:

ERROR 1005 (HY000): with error number 139
A Text/Blob field has a too large index prefix in CREATE TABLE