Monday, February 28, 2011

N900 RSS reader hacking, part 2

Making some progress, now with pannable feed list, pannable folder management (that broke the folder management, sigh) and more finger friendly text entries. First try at stopping the annoying connection dialog spamming didn't work, I must have missed something somewhere. No surprise there, the code is a mess.

Testing packages available at you need both osso-rss-feed-reader-lib and osso-rss-feed-reader debs.

Finger friendly text entries

Pannable feed list

Friday, February 25, 2011

N900 RSS reader hacking, part 1

I'm pretty happy with the RSS reader in the N900 (and 770+N8x0), it works pretty much ok and does what it's supposed to do. But Nokia didn't do a very good work in porting it over from the old tablets. A lot of non-fingerfriendlyness, no portrait mode, and does not really follow the windowing method used by for example the e-mail app.
I've been thinking about doing something about it for a while now and the CSSU work inspired me to take a look at it.

First was to get rotation and portrait mode working, that was pretty easy, pretty much a copy&paste job from my rotation code in Mapper.When rotated it hides useless functionality from the toolbar.

Next up is fixing the layout in portrait mode, as currently it sucks, as you can see below:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"The Wise Man's Fear" is out !

I've had it on pre-order from since the summer of 2009. Now it's finally out, just got mail that it has been posted. Yay :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maemo CSSU in images

Fortunately for the N900 the maemo community is very much alive still. And now with some proper updates to the system itself with Community Seamless Software Update or CSSU. Main focus has been on enabling much requested features (portrait mode) and bug fixes. The textual changelog is a bit dry and searching the forum is a pain, imho.
So below you can find some of the new features of the CSSU in pictures. Enjoy!

Portrait USB connection dialog

Application manager is patched to support portrait mode properly.

Portrait mode Application Manager

Settings now supports portrait mode. Two appplets, osso-applet-notificationlight and osso-applet-display have been replaced with FOSS clones. And a new applet for displaying credits for the CSSU has now also been added. The reason for not changing the system version that is displayed in the "About product" dialog is to keep the system compatible with Ovi requirements.

Settings now supports portrait mode

Rewrite of Display applet, in portrait mode

Rewrite of notification light applet, in portrait mode

New CSSU about dialog

Application list supports portrait mode too

System main menu works in portrait mode

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wine extras building progress

Got the wine package building on extras as you might have noticed. Next is to tidy up the package a bit and make it semi usable.Adding a winemine desktop entry that is :)
Not much else that you can do currently with wine on arm, unless someone likes to port some windows apps.