Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wine extras building progress

Got the wine package building on extras as you might have noticed. Next is to tidy up the package a bit and make it semi usable.Adding a winemine desktop entry that is :)
Not much else that you can do currently with wine on arm, unless someone likes to port some windows apps.

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Rav said...

hey there,

i would first of all like to say HATS OFF to you for doing this great work. i am preety new to linux and all this programming but i am interested in running an app named FREEGATE (it's s proxy server app) on n900 using wine for arm...

gone through many threads but couldn't find the best way to run wine on n900... could you pls elaborate on this and also let me know if it is possible to run FREEGATE on n900

actually i'm in china and as you know they've blocked FB in here so need this app badly..

thanks in advance