Friday, December 01, 2017

On Teosto and YouTube block in Finland

The whole of Finland was just about to strangle Teosto yesterday as YouTube blocked almost all music videos. Teosto is the umbrella copyright mafia here and collects money in different odd ways to the "starving" artists... (and collects a nice 4.2 Million for their own salaries...)

Anyway, what is interesting to think about is what artists are using YouTube for. They have their own channels for promoting their stuff, music videos. These days, as MTV is just playing reality TV and other shite, YouTube is probably the primary place to show these videos.

Now what is interesting is that YouTube is totally Free, anyone can create a channel and share their stuff. Good quality. Full HD. 4K. 60fps.

Seeing what I'm getting at ? They get a platform, for free, to distribute high bandwidth content that takes up plenty of space, plenty of bandwidth, power and servers in the thousands. For Free. For marketing their own content. For free.

Think about that for a second. Even some crappy Finnish artist video with 3-4 million views in Full HD, fully streamed, say a conservative 300MB/view takes a nice ~900TB on bandwidth. And they get this FOR FREE.

And the fuckers demand money ???!!