Monday, June 16, 2008

Cute laptops and silly reviews

I'm planning on getting myself one of those cute small laptops, an Asus Eee PC 901 or MSI Wind. Trying to decide witch one to get is hard, so I've been reading reviews here and there.
Anyway, the text on this site is... I don't if it's funny or if I should cry or what.. "With 1GB of RAM in support you can even have two or three programs open at any one time and not encounter any major problems unless you want to watch video, in which case it's best to close other programs - particularly memory heavy apps like Firefox and OpenOffice."

How come you suddenly need terabytes of memory to do something ? I've typing this on a laptop with 256MB of memory (with 32MB dedicated to the crappy integrated S3 Savage), running Firefox, Evolution, Pidgin, Empathy and couple of terminals on a GNOME desktop. And in the background there is mysql, postgresql and apache. Ok, I do have 210MB of swap in use, but that's still way under 1GB of memory.

Sigh.. I miss the good old days when 8MB was enough to run just about anything.