Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This and that...

Been too busy with work (and school) to do anything really interesting for Mapper the last couple of weeks. I'm rewriting how Mapper handles paths (tracks and routes) to be a bit more generic. And for routes be more suitable for handling routing internally. Also gypsy seems interesting, need to add support for that.

Oh, and I finally gave in and joined facebook, should be easy to find me.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

g_convert (iconv wrapper) transliteration

I was playing with the g_convert iconv wrapper to get rid of all öäå and other special characters so searching for, lets say: "Hämeenkatu" would work with just "Hameenkatu" in Mapper. All I got was a bunch of ?????? instead.
Anyway, this blog post explains it.. annoying.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Some Mapper progress...

Mapper has now a pretty nice feature list:
* Can uses OSM data for Places, Streets and POIs
o Importer converts planet XML file to sqlite database with selected features
o Reads bzip2 compressed 0.5 API planet XML files
* POIs and Streets can be searched
* Displays street and place where you are
* Setting arbitrary destination point
* Setting destination to POI or Street
* Display rough estimate of distance to destination
* Periodic distance to destination announcement
* Show a bearing to destination in heading compass
* Show a bearing to next way point in heading compass
* Quick POI Add interface (Hard coded list for now)
* Click POI for information
* Displays GPS sky and signal information
* Route way point list with directions
* Simple Track point filter (by HDOP, VDOP and angle)
* Speech output for route way points and destination information
o Uses espeak+gstreamer
* Supports both normal Desktops (plain Gtk+) and Internet Tablets (770, N800, N810) (Hildon)

Unfortunately, I haven't had enough free time to work on routing just yet, but it will come soon I hope.