Friday, September 11, 2009

Sun tower

Some of my Sun workstations

Looking for new components for upgrade

Trying to find a nice new motherboard to go with a nice AMD Phenom II x4 is hard. I'd like to have one with NVIDIA SLI and DDR3 memory but no go. Any hints?

XP and proper drivers

I'm the fix-my-computer-please around here, and got to fix a friends XP on a laptop. Nothing special, after being quick enough to read the bluescreen that was displayed for under a second before rebooting... sigh. Anyway, a simple boot from XP CD, run chkdsk, reboot and it was ok again.

But then I just had to fix it a bit more because the person that had installed XP on it didn't install proper drivers for the display. And my friend had just wondered why her computer is so slow, for about half a year or so... nice going again M$, how about fixing your bundled drivers so people don't need to hunt around for stuff.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Mapper things

I've been working on a partial-rewrite/splitting of Mapper into libraries and components. Unfortunately it takes a bit more time than I have and delays releasing a Mapper 2.0, so I decided a couple of weeks ago to work a bit on the old Mapper branch instead and fix some of the most annoying bugs and add a couple of features to make it nicer to use.
A new release is already out, available at tablet repository. Sources can be there too for those who need them.

Oh, and I will probably release a new version today, fixing a couple of bugs in the above :)