Thursday, November 01, 2018

Getting into Android coding, the annoying things

I finally gave in and started to work on my first ever Android app. I've done some small JavaME things in the past so it was not so bad after all. Not that there aren't plenty things that seems so backwards, silly, idiotic and overly complicated after working on apps for Maemo, Meego, Sailfish OS and BlackBerry 10. Qt, QtQuick and C++ is elegant. This mess with XML files and Java.. not so much.

But most of all, the Activity states. Like what the fuck where they thinking ?

Whoever is the idiot that came up with the idiotic Activity state things, do yourself a favor and hit yourself with stick and jump before a train or something.

Ever heard of multitasking ? Blody Windows 95 on a 486 can multitask better that this crap. Phones have gigabytes of memory, more cores than my home server and it seems impossible to do at simple task like this:
  1. Browse Facebook
  2. Open a post
  3. Open a link in the browser
  4. Go back to FACEBOOK AT THE EXACT PLACE WHERE I LEFT IT and the left browser load the page in the background (you now, multitask!)
  5. Nope, Facebook restarts and reloads a random post list, whatever I was reading is nowhere to be seen. And the browser does not load the page in the background as it was paused.
  6. Fuck I hate Android.