Thursday, October 25, 2012

QML Box2D and more features

I'm working on a couple of different games, using the QML Box2D bindings. As I'm targeting the N9, I need to use the Qt 4.x based version that has been pretty much forgotten by the authors, old version of Box2D and many features are missing. So lets scratch that itch then. The Moto Trial Racer sources where consulted for some features and ideas.

So here, my a bit more updated version of the QML Box2D bindings:
  • Box2D upgraded to 2.2.1
  • Joint release/grab
  • WeldJoint added
  • WheelJoint added
  • FrictionJoint added
  • Basic Edge shape support added
  • Missing properties and methods added (gravityScale, getMass(), getInertia(), angularVelocity, etc)
I'm also going to add RopeJoint, PulleJoint and GearJoint  support as time permits (and need arises).

Enjoy !