Tuesday, October 20, 2009

gstreamer + libdmtx = yay :)

I've been thinking about writing my first ever proper gstreamer element using libdmtx, it took a while to get there but now it finally works, see the screenshot:

Sources are available in my git repository.

Friday, October 16, 2009

N900 feature enchanments

Added some request to maemo bugzilla:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Nokia N900

Maemo Summit 2009

I was lucky enough (sponsored, yay) to be able to attend Maemo Summit this year. The event was really nice and had many interesting talks and presentations. You can find a lot on the maemo wiki, pictures on flickr, tweets and blogposts. Just google and you will find.

The absolutely biggest surprise at the event was that everyone (well, 300 was given away) attending got a N900 for 6 months to play with. I didn't switch my SIM card directly so I first used it just like any of the older tablets. Now that I'm home again I switched over and using the N900 as my primary phone. One of the nicest phone related things are that Skype is now fully integrated with the rest of the telepathy stack and works just like, well, a normal cell phone. I tried it already at the summit (didn't work that well, the WiFi network was pretty overloaded I think). On the way back I tried is from the Helsinki airport and called my girlfriend, it was just perfect. Very nice indeed.

Anyway, I there are some bugs/strange/missing things that I will blog about later (and report to the maemo bugzilla).

I was also a good OpenStreetMapper and did some mapping at the summit venue (mentioned there too). Relating to OSM, Till Harbaum presented OSM2go and the OSM project in general, with some nice examples of why OSM rocks :) Look here (at about 10:45)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tablet software idea

Fridge/Freezer inventory system, with barcode/qrcode scanning. Would need a bit of discipline, but would be handy checking at the store that "yes, we have fries in freezer", or "no, we don't have any frozen veggies" or "we xxx boxes of blueberries/mushrooms/etc left".

I came up with this idea when we started wondering what we have in the freezer as it's full of stuff but no idea what exactly. (We are thawing our freezer right now to get rid of all the ice and also check what it has eaten the last year or so.. :)