Friday, December 12, 2008

Work stuff

Well, not everything is fully negative in things that really matter. Just got word that I get a new work contract for about 2 years forward (and a little pay raise even! w00t). Now you might ask why only 2 years, but I work at place with mostly externally funded projects so they can't promise much more than that in one go. But if it goes like before the contract will continue again. Unless I find something by that time, but I enjoy doing what I do, quite flexible work hours and the work place is not like some ordinary plain and boring office, but who knows...

Nokia N73 software update hurdle

I don't know what to now, bang my head on the wall or what. I've been trying to get my N73 phone firmware updated for quite a while now as there have been a update available for ages already. Problem is I have this SIM locked phone (with Sonera) and well, the operator lags a bit with letting people update their phones and I refuse to pay for something I can and should be able to do for free.

So, being prepared for another no-updates-for-your-product-code situation I checked the software update. And lo and behold! Version 4.0812.4.2.1 is now available for me (my old software 3.something so old as hell).

Anyway, I'm mostly Linux only, I have a W2k computer mainly just for playing Eve (as the cedega crap won't run on 64-bit only x86), fortunately the Nokia updater has run fine before... but oh nononono... just so they can fuck with me a bit more the updated requires XP or Vista now. ARGH.