Friday, December 12, 2008

Nokia N73 software update hurdle

I don't know what to now, bang my head on the wall or what. I've been trying to get my N73 phone firmware updated for quite a while now as there have been a update available for ages already. Problem is I have this SIM locked phone (with Sonera) and well, the operator lags a bit with letting people update their phones and I refuse to pay for something I can and should be able to do for free.

So, being prepared for another no-updates-for-your-product-code situation I checked the software update. And lo and behold! Version 4.0812.4.2.1 is now available for me (my old software 3.something so old as hell).

Anyway, I'm mostly Linux only, I have a W2k computer mainly just for playing Eve (as the cedega crap won't run on 64-bit only x86), fortunately the Nokia updater has run fine before... but oh nononono... just so they can fuck with me a bit more the updated requires XP or Vista now. ARGH.

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