Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jolla #hauskinjono, Part 1

On 20.5.2013 I pre-ordered the Jolla phone. Yesterday the first 450 where sold, at the DNA pop-up store in Narinkkatori, Helsinki. I arrived about 16:20 and the queue was already to the other side of the square. (I lost about 30-40 meters, had to find a WC first. Not that it mattered, as everyone queueing had device reserved already.)

The line started moving slowly when the doors opened.


And then inside, I got the queue number 145. There where refreshments and small snacks available.

Then the actual show and announcements started and the first sale. More a bit later.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Asha article winner aka Sports Tracker HRM, part 3

Nokia developer runs various competitions from time to time, this time a wiki article competition on how to use features of the Asha platforms for health issues.

First I was like, eh, that is a hard topic to write something about, what ever could that be?

Then my tiny brain made the Bluetooth connection, I've been playing with the ST HRM belt, and this motivated me to concentrate on it a bit more. So I submitted an article on how to use the HRM belt from a Java ME application. And well, result below:

Goodie bag :) Asha 501, headphones and USB emergyncy charger

Asha 501

The day has come! Jolla day!

It is The Day today! The first Jolla will be sold today at the pop-up DNA Store. Obviously, I will be there, so see you in Helsinki!