Monday, December 15, 2014

Busy with new house!

Sorry for not posting any updates lately, I've been to busy with moving and setting up my new geek lair (oh, and furniture and stuff too).

Yep, after searching for about 5 years for something suitable we finally bought our own house, in "Villi Pohjola of Turku" or Red-neck Turku (as described in Foursquare) aka Paattinen. After living in the center of Turku since about 1996, this is a big change, but in a way, going back to how I used to live most of my childhood, in the middle of nowhere, 25km in to Pori center, closest store 6km away. Seeing riders on horses gives me the fuzzy feeling of I'm-home-now.

But not that middle of nowhere now, everything needed is close, perhaps 300m to the nearest store/bank/lunch place and only 20km in to the Turku center, the bus-stop is 200m away and it takes about 25-30m to get into town.

It is funny with distances, the reaction most have in Turku is: "That far away ?!?" but even Helsinki people tend react with "oh, that is not far away at all".

Still pondering how to get a proper network between our two houses (Sauna+geek lair is in a separate building). 100m of CAT6 is waiting to be used.