Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maemo CSSU in images

Fortunately for the N900 the maemo community is very much alive still. And now with some proper updates to the system itself with Community Seamless Software Update or CSSU. Main focus has been on enabling much requested features (portrait mode) and bug fixes. The textual changelog is a bit dry and searching the forum is a pain, imho.
So below you can find some of the new features of the CSSU in pictures. Enjoy!

Portrait USB connection dialog

Application manager is patched to support portrait mode properly.

Portrait mode Application Manager

Settings now supports portrait mode. Two appplets, osso-applet-notificationlight and osso-applet-display have been replaced with FOSS clones. And a new applet for displaying credits for the CSSU has now also been added. The reason for not changing the system version that is displayed in the "About product" dialog is to keep the system compatible with Ovi requirements.

Settings now supports portrait mode

Rewrite of Display applet, in portrait mode

Rewrite of notification light applet, in portrait mode

New CSSU about dialog

Application list supports portrait mode too

System main menu works in portrait mode

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