Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Nokia Store closed, no more N9 or Symbian apps

So much for support to 2016. The Nokia store closed for new N9 and Symbian applications (also updates are denied, how cool is that huh?).

Anyway, I tried to get updates in for some of my apps, especially the Radio X3M app for N9 needed that bad as the streaming URLs had changed, it passed QA a couple of days ago, yay :)

And just for fun I added a YLEX N9 application too, still waiting to pass QA.

 These now use the exact same streams as YLEs official Windows Phone and Android apps so they should work for some time in the future, I hope.

Also a result from a RealWork(tm) project was submitted, just in time, still waiting for QA. When (and if) it passes I'll let you know more. A peek below:

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