Friday, January 10, 2014

Y-Radio, my first application for Jolla

My first application for Jolla is starting to get into shape. All basic functionality is there ready for first release. Nothing fancy, just an YLE Radio player with support for current/next song information (for channels that supply that information).

Current features:
  • Front page display current channel information
  • Current song, with artist image, if available
  • Next songs
  • Channel page with most YLE Radio channels
  • Cover page has Play/Pause
Planned features:
  • Daily program information
  • News feeds from channels
  • Quick access to favourite channels
  • Played songs archive
  • Favourite songs marking
  • More song/artist details
  • Calendar event integration
  • And when usage of gstreamer is allowed in Harbour, Equalizer (+any other interesting audio filter that might be available)
  • Anything else ?
 Should be ready for Harbour submission in a day or two. If you would like to beta test, let me know.

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