Tuesday, January 19, 2010

libdicto & mydicto

For some time now Mapper has had integrated support for taking dictations that then can be used for example in JOSM when editing maps. The dictation component was quite generic so I split it out and made it into a library and widget that can be used in other applications.

libdicto repo can be found here and release here. I just uploaded 1.0.6 to maemo extras builder.

As the widget is quite generic I also made a simple dictation app for the N900 (and soon for the N800/N810/770 too), called mydicto. As soon as libdicto is built I'll upload mydicto to the builder too.


Sup said...

Hi! I use mydicto very often since it is the best dictaphone application for N900 I have found. Have you considered making it easier to remove files from the gui and not through the file manager? It frequently happens to me that I have dozens of recordings I would like to eradicate. In mydicto, I would have to do it one by one, so I have to open the file manager and remove all at once. It would be nice if it were possible to remove all recordings at once from mydicto itself as well.

Onion said...

Thanks. Good idea. I'll see what I can do about that.