Monday, October 04, 2010

Wine 1.3.4 on arm (N900)

After reading the announcement of wine 1.3.4 and particularly this on winehq: "Winelib now supports the ARM platform" I just had to try it.

Builds fine in sbox, no problems there. Initial run takes a while of clicking on cancel as winedbg crashes but after that the built in programs runs, but the window manager is not doing such a great job with the wine windows and dialogs.

Screenshots of winemine below:

Update 15.10.2010:
Using desktop mode makes using wine much nicer and keyboard input works too. Running winecfg is a bit problematic as it won't fit the screen properly but editing ~/.wine/user.reg and adding the following lines in the end enables desktop mode:
[Software\\Wine\\Explorer] 1287126526

[Software\\Wine\\Explorer\\Desktops] 1287126530


wesly said...

how to install it on n900???
can you give me the tutor??

Onion said...

It's available in extras-devel now, use application manager or faster from the shell with:

apt-get install wine