Thursday, September 08, 2011

N950 module playback

Preliminary testing of adding module playback support to the N950 (and N9). Getting playback didn't require as much work as for the N900, tracker already marks modules as audio and the media player picks them up, but can't play them as it's missing the required gstreamer element (modplug).

A proper tracker miner would be a plus, as right now all modules get dumped in the "Unknown artist"/"Unknown album" categories and the filename is used as the title. Not nice.

Anyway, my first talkie:


thp said...

Nice! Especially the fact that it's using the built-in media player. Does Qt Mobility MultimediaKit also use GStreamer as the playback backend? I.e. can we use this module to play .mod files from within Qt Mobility-powered apps on Harmattan?

Onion said...

Not sure, but I think so.