Monday, May 20, 2013

Jolla is out

This is Monday to look forward to!

Jolla unveiled their phone just a couple of minutes ago and it looks good, really good. The specs seem to be a bit preliminary still, no real details, but dual-core, 4.5" display, 8MP auto-focus camera, 16MB of storage + microSD slot.

And The Other Half, a back cover that the user can change to customize, not only the device, but the whole interface will adjust itself to the backcover color.

Join the Tribe

The device will be available in the end of 2013 and Jolla is taking pre-orders Right Now, you can select between 100€ (Limited edition, priority pre-order, T-shirt, 100€ voucher and exclusive Other Half), 40€ (Limited edition, priority pre-order, T-shirt) or 0€ (pre-order only). Obviously you know which one to select,  I give you a hint, it starts with one and then two zeros.

Oh, and start developing now, Sailfish SDK is available.

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