Friday, April 25, 2014

Y-Radio updated, new icon and Facebook page!

I finally got Y-Radio update in harbour, already a couple of weeks ago (QA approved April 8th). New features include:
  • All available YLE Radio channels now available and nicely grouped
  • For channels that offer it, program information (Note: this uses the undocumented API still, so it might have issues from time to time)
  •  Channel information with quick links to various on-line service the radio channel offer (Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • Preliminary translations to Finnish and Swedish
  • Major internal changes
  • And Y-Radio is now on Facebook
Channel list
Program details

Program information
Also a very helpfull Jolla community member offered to create a much nicer icon for the application. This version does not use it yet, but the next update will have it. But take a look at this, awesome isn't it ?!
New Y-Radio icon

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