Thursday, August 28, 2014

Y-Radio works again!

Finally got some spare time to look into it again. The thing is, YLE decided to stop offering icecast streams that worked perfectly and instead offers only RTSP and HLS streams now. At the time, the multimedia stack on Jolla had problems playing back RTSP streams (choppy sound) and HLS support didn't exist at all. So nothing I could do about it at that time.

I had already started to look into how on earth you could use my own private copy of gstreamer to overcome these issues (as direct usage of gstreamer is a no-no for harbour apps at this time), but luckily the summer update fixed RTSP playback (and almost the HLS support, but not quite, probably this bug) and Y-Radio is now fixed as much as I can fix it.

At this time only low quality RTSP streams are supported as the HLS support is buggy, it won't reload the m3u playlist. But if I can figure out how to use gstreamer without using the system gstreamer, then we can do proper shit! (and add such nice things as an Equalizer for example)

Available now in Openrepos and hopefully soon in the official Jolla store (waiting for QA right now)

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