Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wireless sauna monitoring system using MSP430

I've been planning, for a long time now, to create a monitoring system to our summer cottage. Features would include monitoring of temperature of air and lake water (the cottage is by a small lake) and why not air moisture and barometric presure just for fun.

Also monitoring the sauna temperature in some inteligent way, for example for informing to add more wood and "Sauna is ready!" signal.

All of this would of course be logged on a SD and some way to view everything, maybe just a 16x2 LCD screen or perhaps something a bit more cool.

Anyway, finally some progress, a wirebundle of a wireless sauna sensor. Basically just a MSP430 launchpad, MAX6675+thermocouple wire and a NRF24 radio.

I'm using energia, sketch will be up soonish on my github.

It seems to be sending, I haven't tried the RX part yet :)

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