Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Arduino based wireless sauna temperature sensor and display

I've been working on this on-and-off (more off than on..) for a couple of years now. The plan is to create a summercottage "automation" system, simply just a bunch of variouse sensors sending information to a base station with a display and perhaps some logging.

I first started with a MSP430 as the sensor board and a Raspberry Pi as the base station, but I never to get NRF24L01 TX/RX to work and forgot all about if again for a while.

Started thinking about it some weeks ago again and decided to try using the exact same NRF24L01 library and exactly the same platform and if that didn't work then either or both of my NRF24L01 boards must be broken.

After fiddling with the various settings I finally got them to talk, everything needs to match exactly or nothing will work.

At midsummer I got to try it out with a proper temperature sensor attached (and inside the sauna) the result can be seen in the video below:


Mark said...

I posted on your youtube post. Do you have any schematics for this? I want to do the same with our sauna and have a hyrgrometer readout as well. Nice work!

Onion said...

No, not yet. This has been on the side a bit, haven't had the motivation to finish it yet unfortunately.

Epsy said...

Hi, well done! Can you please send me arduino codes for this project? I need help because I want to do the same project for my outside