Monday, April 25, 2016

Native ScummVM for PlayBook, progress

I was sick and tried to do something usefull at the time. So, a bit of hacking on the BlackBerry fork of SDL to add support for native gestures (Swipe down and and Back swipe "down-left to upper-right").

Swipe down is obviously used for the game menu access (F5 key) and back swipe for Escape to skip cut-scenes (ESC key).

It is pretty much ready for submission!

See below for a quick video on how the swipes are working in Sam & Max Hit the Road and Flight of the Amazon Queen.


stahlratte said...

this is awesome! looking very much forward to it.

Onion said...

I was a bit too optimistic, it needs a bit more work related to how mouse movement and button are handled as some games have some very strange interactions.

Onion said...

Submitted, a second time now, to BB World. Hopefully they will let it in now after making it clear that ScummVM is GPL and that there are legal, freeware, games available.

They had some weird ideas about pirated games causing problems. Sigh.