Friday, October 28, 2011

More Arduino toys

I ordered some stuff from DealExtreme to play with. An Ethernet Shield and a very tiny bluetooth transceiver module. It's going to be a challenge to solder something to it :)

Ethernet Shield and Bluetooth module
It's the cheaper version of the network shield, so no TCP/IP stack included on any chip, just an Ethernet over SPI chip (the ENC28J60), but still an easy to use chip over SPI from the Arduino. And of course there exists a library for it so using it is very easy and there is nice example code available, I made a quick test just to check that the shield works using the DHCP example.

The bluetooth module should be extremely easy to use, after somehow soldering some wires to the tiny thing. I'll let you know how it goes.


thabeat said...

I just Bought it but i'm not able to make it work, even with those libs.

I'm starting to think it was broken or something during shipping. Did you do anything special? I'm using a duemillanove. What model of arduino were you using?


Onion said...

All I did was download the library, install it and build the dhcp example and uploaded it to the board, afaik.

thabeat said...

Thanks for answering
It was a problem with the IDE, I don't know why it wasn't finding the core libraries... Clean install solved it!