Friday, October 07, 2011

Qt SDK install problems

I've installed the Qt SDK many months ago, kept it updated and so on but never really got motivated enough to start trying out anything more than looking at the examples and tutorials.

Finally got motivated to trying out some QML and everything was broken. Missing files, simulator didn't do anything just got stuck.

For example this (and I'm not alone with this, see comments here):
module “Qt.labs.components” is not installed 

Re-installed using off-line installer, that didn't work, even after installing everything for Harmattan available in the maintenance tool the simulator didn't have an entry for the N9. So after a rm -rf ~/QtSDK and re-install using the on-line installer I finally got it working.

The strange thing was that everything works perfectly on my home computer, 64-bit and using own linux distro. All problems was on my work Ubuntu laptop.

Anyway, now I'm able to do my first proper QML app, more on that later, stay tuned.

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