Friday, February 10, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800, Part 1: Contacts

So I got a shiny Nokia Lumia 800 as a gift. I gave it to my girlfriend, to replace her old Nokia E51. So the first thing, transfer all data from the E51 to the Lumia, that shouldn't be too hard right ? AFAIK all new and somewhat new Symbian based phones have this syncing/data transfering thing so this shouldn't be too hard, the Lumia is Nokia device so it should have the same capabilities as an older phone, right ?

Contacts transfer, ok, that looks promising! And over bluetooth even, very nice. I start it up, do the bluetooth connection hurdle and.. nothing. Again? Nothing. Just an error message that it failed. After some messages on twitter and googling around I found that the source phone for Contacts transfer must support PBAP. And the old E51 does not do that. Now what?

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