Friday, February 10, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800, Part 2: Contacts, workaround

By pure luck, we had a E55 collecting dust at work that I could borrow (Well, I already used it for some QR code testing, anyway..) and it supports PBAP! So I could use that phone as a source. Transferring everything (contacts, sms, calendar) was smooth and painless, no problems whatsoever. Now the E55 containes all my gf stuff.

And now Contacts transfer did it's thing, no problems encountered. But I was expecting too much from it, unfortunately it is Contacts transfer ONLY nothing else get transfered over.
You can imagine my gf: But where are my calendar entries? Where are my messages ???? I want my messages!

I have no idea how to get those transfered over, any ideas?

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