Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Resetting N9 Security code, part 1

My brother (used to) works at business sales, so obviously I asked him to get me a N9. In the meantime Gigantti had the nice 299€ discount on the N9 and I just had to get a pink N9 :) Anyway, my brother finally fixed a (used) black N9 for me, his wifes old phone. (she has switched to a Lumia,go figure)

Anyway, it had been unused for a while now, with a security code set. And guess if she remembers the security code.

After spending some time trying to guess at a code, I ditched that idea and started googling and finally found the instructions.

First: You do this at your own risk! Not my problem if your device is bricked.

What you need to do is flash the device with --erase-user-data=secure option, but unfortunately it requires a firmware image too and Nokia does not offer that in any easy download-here sort-of way. So you need to do it the complicated way instead.

So, what you need is:
  1. Flasher from
  2. The firmware images, downloadable using NaviFirm or NaviFirmEx
I used NaviFirmEx as that works with wine under Linux.

Start the app and first select "Nokia care suite" server (With the default I didn't find the EMMC image). Then select the N9 from the device list and then the firmware version you would like to download. I recommend using the latest that contain the firmware for your device. After that you will be presented with a large list of devices with different specs and countries.

This was surprisingly easy, you can find the code on the tiny sticker on the SIM tray. My device has the code 059J1z8 just write your code in the search field above the list.
Select the correct firmware that match your code and click the "Add to download task" button and choose a location for the firmware files.

NaviFirmEx downloading firmware
So now you have to firmware, for flashing instructions go to Part 2.

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