Friday, September 05, 2014

Minor Y-Radio update, version 1.0.5

Related to the previous post about the DockedPanel, I made some small UI adjustments to Y-Radio (and it is already trough Jolla QA, in only 2 hours, that was fast!)

Made the main view a bit more compact and made the play/pause control look more nice.
The connecting and buffering progress bar is now above the control (but for some reason the Audio element won't give proper buffering information for rtsp streams, sigh). Also the main page title is now used for the radio channel name (and will only display Y-Radio when no channel has been selected)

Y-Radio main view changes
Also I made the program view a bit more compact by showing the program details in the list instead of in a dialog, makes it much easier to browse.
Program view
There are some other small thing in there, a bit nicer cover and some text size and color adjustments. Enjoy!

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