Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Onki - Onkyo remote controller for Jolla

Just submitted a preliminary alpha version to harbour of a Onkyo A/V receiver remote control app for Jolla. (Update: Oh, and on openrepos now too!)

Basic functionality is there, you can Power on/off, select input source, adjust the volume, mute on/off and tune the radio up/down and also tuner presets up/down.

For now the only cover actions are Tuner presets up/down. Cover action could be configurable to something else, perhaps volume or input ? What do you think ?

Cover actions (Tuner preset up/down)
Device selection works, only automatic discovery for now. In the future you will be able to add your device IP manually in case your Jolla is for example on another network. (Oh, and having your Onkyo on a public network, not perhaps the best of ideas as there is absolute no authentication...)

Onkyo device selection, for now only automatic discovery is supported.
The main screen will have the common control at the top, with current input as the screen title. The common control (for now) include Power button, Volume Up/Down and Mute.

On the bottom you have the input specific actions, on the screenshot below the tuner actions are visible.
Main view with common control and input specific ones
Input selection is available from the pull-down menu. For now all possible input that a device can have are visible, some might not exist on your device so obviously they won't work.

More functionality will come when I have the time to implement them.

Oh, wanna help ? The ISCP library is available on github, the app will also be soonish.

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