Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Devaamo summit 2012, day 1

It's a rare treat to have a FOSS/Opendata/etc related summit/conference in Finland so I was very happy that one was held in Tampere and that I could attend it. Devaamo Summit 2012.

Day one, Friday

I arrived on Friday, met a friend from the local hackerspace and followed the lightning talks. The most interesting of the was qmlweb, QML ported to the browser.
"ITS Factory – Open traffic interfaces for intelligent apps"

A hacked AK-47 (Wii) and a Duck Hunt remake, done by the 5w Tampere Hackerspace
Tieto, one of the sponsors, had a Tizen developers device on show. I played with it a bit. The device itself was very light, probalby explained by the lack of a GSM modem.

The UI/UX bit was fast and fluid, but lacked any kind of oooh-shiny-cool effect. But here's hoping...

Tizen developer device

Yep, it really is a Tizen device

I was a bit tired after the train and lightning talks so I walked to my hotel and relaxed for a while.

Then walked back to the New Factory area and did a "Dinner and a movie" by myself :) Watched Snow White & The Huntsman, it was ok but there was just that something missing from it.

Then to sleep!

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