Thursday, June 14, 2012

OpenStreetMap, Google, Nokia and Bing maps

Vepsä, a tiny island in the Turku archipelago on different map services. There is an enormous difference on the amount of detail available. And on two services the island itself is missing, looks kinda silly checking in on Foursquare on Nokia devices.

Update (02.10.2012): Added screenshot from iOS 6 maps. It has at least the island in place, but not much more.

Vepsä on OpenStreetMap. Roads and trails.

Vepsä on Google. No details. But plenty of tiny islands.

But these two suck, and suck really bad. The complete island is missing.

Vepsä on Nokia maps, nowhere to be seen

Vepsä on Bing maps.. where is it ?
Apple maps in iOS 6 from iPad

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