Tuesday, June 12, 2012


On Sunday at about 10:40 we started driving to the Turku airport, where Skydive Turku (Skydive Turku - Turun Laskuvarjourheilijat ry) has the HQ. The tandem jump was done by their co-op partner, Skyxperience.
Leaving, not nervous at all.. no no

When we arrived we first went trough the competition details, this was a new thing for  them too.

On the way to the airport

On the way

If I hurt myself or die I get 20.000€ ! Awesome ;)
Then we both filled and signed  Vastuuvapatus forms (basically if drop-splat-and-die we are worth 20.000€ and can keep the pieces, yay ;)
Leila filling out her paper

Then we had a quick training on what to do, not that much as we more or less just hang from TheRealJumpper.
  1. Bend feet backwards under the plane
  2. Hand to the harness straps
  3. When instruction gives a sign, spread hands
Easy enough :)

Up there, I'm I nuts or what ? :)

Then we changed clothes and put on the tandem-jump harness.

I have my harness on, ready to go!

One of the video guys took the Lumia 900 and made a ad-hoc harness for it. It worked, luckily the phone didn't drop off it. The video is great, unfortunately none of us noticed that it was placed in "height-screen" mode, so the video is recorded upside down in portrait mode :) I'll post it here as soon as I get it rotated.
The Lumia 900 strapped on ready to make a video. Real professional work there :)

After that I emptied my pockets and left all my stuff at their office. We walked over to the airfield to wait for the plane to land and pick us up.

Me and my jump partner

The climb took about 5-6 minutes I think, then we where up at about 4100m I think.

One of the camera men, Leila and her jumping parner

First out was a real jumper woman. Then it was our turn. At about this point, having my feet dangling outside the plane and I started to get really nervous and slightly scared. Not that I had much time to think about it, as the next second we where out!

Stepping out. About 4000 meters down. Turku airport ^

And here we go!

And safely on the ground.
Had to sit down for a while, my legs didn't like to support me :)

Leila just having jumped from the plane
An enormous Thank You to Nokia and Nokia Connects (especially Sarah for organizing everything) and to Skyxperience from me and Leila! Thank you very very much for this. I will definitely never forget this experience.

If you are the Turku or Helsinki region and looking for something to do (and have cash to burn) check out Skyxperice and Skydivie Turku (on Facebook).

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