Thursday, June 07, 2012

NokiaTSN prize and Lumia 900 for testing

Nokia Try Something New competition

I took part in the NokiaTSN competition, trying out a Nokia 603 and Luna headset. I won!

NokiaTSN winner, Panorama from Klein Matterhorn

The prize was up to me to figure out, in the theme of Try Something New. It took a while to find something. but I finally found something very exciting to do (and I can bring a friend!). It's going to happen this Saturday (9th Jun 2012) at around 11:00.
I won't tell you yet what it is yet, as it's going to be a surprise for friends and family :)

All I can say that I and my friend are both scared shitless :)

Lumia 900 for two week testing

As an extra bonus Nokia Connects has sent a Nokia Lumia 900 for a two week test. It's on its way already, DHL tracking says to courier here in Turku already has it, so I'm waiting for it to be brought to me as we speak.

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