Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Devaamo Summit 2012, day 2

Day 2, Thursday

The next was the proper summit day. On the walk to the New Factory I noticed this strange thingy that counts the amount of cyclist that have gone past it.

Tampere bike counter

OpenSource and TI

Qt5 on RaspberryPi (I can order mine tomorrow!)

The Qt5 on RaspeberryPi was a really awesome demonstration on QML and had the most awesome terminal I've ever seen :)

NFC Tag in lunch restaurant, the first I've ever seen live in Finland

OpenStreetMap and free Open Geodata are great opportunities / Pekka Sarkola
Then party, with Free (really) beer. Met some of the people I stalk/follow on twitter, that was nice.
Organizers are sexy :)
Thank you to the organizers, hope to see you next year (or at some other place)

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